Shimp Olympics

Shimp XIX - July 15, 2006

Shimp XXII - July 11th, 2009
Schedule of Events


6:30PM - Pre-Shimp Dinner - Twin Anchors


8:30AM - Peter Jans - Golf
1:00PM - Lunch - Provided by Potbellies
2:00PM - Northwestern Aquatics Center - Basketball
3:30PM - North Beach - Beach Volleyball
5:30PM - Shimp Memorial - Whiffle Ball
7:30PM - Trophy Presentation

Shimp XXII Potential Slogans

Shimp XXII: We not done yet
Shimp XXII: Shouldn't this be a masters tournament by now
Shimp XXII: Is a 6 Iron in a tree only a one stroke penalty
Shimp XXII: Pebble Beach has nothing on Peter Jans... both view & smell
Shimp XXII: Where can I rent a box of clubs

Shimp XX Potential Slogans

Shimp XX: The Swan Song of a fine mid-summer tradition
Shimp XX: R.I.P.
Shimp XX: Put a fork in it
Shimp XX: We Gone!
Shimp XX: Limping Away With Our Heads Held High
Shimp XX: Turn out the lights, the party's over
Shimp XX: Goodnight, Evanston!
Shimp XX: Here's To Good Friends, Shimp Was Kind Of Special (now let's move on to to the next stage of our life)!
Shimp XX: Takin' it to the Limit - One More Time
Shimp XX: 'nuff Said
Shimp XX: Did someone say time for an encore?
Shimp XX: Twenty is Plenty

Other Potential Slogans from 2006

Shimp XIX: Like a gay cruise, without the boat
Shimp XIX: Let's just say we have "performance issues".
Shimp XIX: How bout we swap wives and call it a day?
Shimp XIX: Chews it or lose it.
Shimp XIX: Chew the right thing.
Shimp XIX: Look, it's a spitoon AND a bedpan!
Shimp XIX: Sweatin' WITH the Oldies!
Shimp XIX: Suckin' Wind and Sweatin' Gravy
Shimp XIX: We've paid the piper, now change our diaper.
Shimp XIX: The push year
Shimp XIX: Body is slowing, gut is growing
Shimp XIX: Bring Your Own Manssiere
Shimp XIX: Brought To You By Levitra, Lipitor, & Lenscrafters
Shimp XIX: I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can........

Other Potential Slogans from 2005

Shimp XVIII: A Mid-Summer's Nightmare
Shimp XVIII: Can't we just swap wives and call it a day?
Shimp XVIII: Nuelle and Griff's Magical Weekend Getaway
Shimp XVIII: Evanston's Annual Testicle Festival
Shimp XVIII: Just a torn ACL away from cancellation
Shimp XVIII: The Tribe Has Spoken: We're Voted out of Evanston
Shimp XVIII: Let the wives play naked this year
Shimp XVIII: How bout some strippers and a keg of High Life?
Shimp XVIII: Hemorrhoids, not Steroids
Shimp XVIII: Where Girlie Men Go To Die
Shimp XVIII: It's not just for breakfast anymore
Shimp XVIII: The New White Meat
Shimp XVIII: Green Shimp & Hammy
Shimp XVIII: What's It To Ya, Buddy
Shimp XVIII: And Your Point Is...?
Shimp XVIII: Pope Shimpus XVIII says 'Be Good or Go Home'
Shimp XVIII: Pope Shimpus XVIII: Patron Saint of Chew
Shimp XVIII: Michael Jackson says, 'I Love to share my bed with a little Shimp'
Shimp XVIII: Tacky, Yet Unrefined
Shimp XVIII: Take two dippies and call me in the evening
Shimp XVIII: What's in a name, anyway?
Shimp XVIII: Yo, I be your Shimp Pimp - Get over here!
Shimp XVIII: Golf + Hoops + VBall + Whiffle + Icepacks + Beer = Shimp Nirvana (Ohmmm...)
Shimp XVIII: My Dad went to Shimp, and I all I got was this lousy T-Shirt
Shimp XVIII: Forget the spittoon - Give me a Hummer!
Shimp XVIII: The Games that steroids forgot
Shimp XVIII: Chew: The New Steroid
Shimp XVIII: Tour de Shimp XVIII - Now where do we go?
Shimp XVIII: Yeah, I'll give you a TarHeel - get yo ass over here so I can kick it
Shimp XVIII: Who needs hockey when you've got Shimp
Shimp XVIII: The new NHL
Shimp XVIII: What's in your tin?
Shimp XVIII: Shimp...Cubs...Shimp...Cubs...Shimp...Cubs
Shimp XVIII: Tastes Great, Less Filling
Shimp XVIII: Good to the last Dip
Shimp XVIII: The Breakfast of Champions

Other Potential Slogans from 2004

Shimp XVII: The Golden Guys
Shimp XVII: Body by Balco
Shimp XVII: I'd rather be at Wrigley
Shimp XVII: Something's gonna give and I hope it's not my hammy
Shimp XVII: Are we getting older or what?
Shimp XVII: The yearly physical stress test
Shimp XVII: The Evanston annual triathalon: compete, drink, recover
Shimp XVII: Maybe Birmy Will Lose
Shimp XVII: Chicago's only annual chew fest
Shimp XVII: We were young once
Shimp XVII: We were athletic once
Shimp XVII: Athletic malfunction
Shimp XVII: Shimp Shock & Awe
Shimp XVII: Recently Acquired by Omnicom
Shimp XVII: Is that a volleyball or Nuelle's prostate??
Shimp XVII: Adult Diapers Sold Separate
Shimp XVII: Bellies sagging, balls dragging

Other Potential Slogans from 2003

Shimp XVI: Overcooked, but well done
Shimp XVI: I'd rather be at Wrigley
Shimp XVI: As many years as Nuelle has children
Shimp XVI: Out of breath, closer to death
Shimp XVI: Like a Gay cruise, without the boat
Shimp XVI: Half courts better than no court
Shimp XVI: Half court, half mast, full tilt
Shimp XVI: My ass was made for humping, not for bumping on the hardwood
Shimp XVI: Maybe Birmy Will Lose
Shimp XVI: Shimp Shock and Awe:
Half court basketball
Miles leaves the north shore
T. Fez gets married
Shimp XVI: Fanatical Precision & Tireless Training. Ribs at Twin Anchors This Year, Say, 6-ish?
Shimp XVI: Like a Religion, but Without Prayer, Piety or Benefit to Society
Shimp XVI: Scars Not SARS
Shimp XVI: This Whole Damn Thing Will be Held in a Sports Bar Some Day
Shimp XVI: Got the 4 Year-Old on Two-a-Days Already
Shimp XVI: With Colostomy Bags Volleyball Will Go Up To, Like, 3 Points

Other Potential Slogans from 2002

Shimp XV: Golden Spittoons, Athletic Buffoons
Shimp XV: I'd STILL rather be at Wrigley
Shimp XV: No Fame, No Game
Shimp XV: No Game...
Shimp XV: POP Goes the Hamstring
Shimp XV: Old Men. Tired bodies. Same Delicious Flavor
Shimp XV: Now Available in Easy-to-Swallow GelCaps
Shimp XV: Woody...Spittoonless since 1989
Shimp XV: Suckin' Wind and Sweatin' Gravy
Shimp XV: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Shimp XV: Who thought up this insanity anyway?
Shimp XV: Not just for media planners anymore
Shimp XV: Why Shimp, Why not?
Shimp XV: Ernie says let's play two. Shimp plays four
Shimp XV: Shimp: Recession proof
Shimp XV: Is Moat Playing this Year?

Other Potential Slogans from 2001

Shimp XIV - XFL 1
Shimp XIV - No Shimpagne, no gain
Shimp XIV - Shimp, since 1988
Shimp XIV - Screw Survivor, Real Men Shimp
Shimp XIV - Weeks in the Outback? Try on day in Evanston
SHIMP XIV - Now that Tron's got a kid this will be the last SHIMP
SHIMP XIV - Now that Tron's got a kid, Katie won't let him play any more
SHIMP XIV - I'm surprised Tron didn't name his kid SHIMP
SHIMP XIV - (Pick 1) Gore, Bush or SHIMP
SHIMP XIV - No recount needed
SHIMP XIV - Out Cheat, Out Spit, Out Drink
SHIMP XIV - Out Cheat, Out Play, Out Spit
SHIMP XIV - Out Cheat, Out Play, Out Shimp
SHIMP XIV - Whatever....
Shimp XIV - I pulled my Shimp
Shimp XIV - The one time when 14 is old enough
Shimp XIV - You know you are old when you can only Shimp once a year
Shimp XIV - From now on, just buy XXL
Shimp XIV - We're more pathetic than Clinton
Shimp XIV - Dust off your jockstrap, Pops
Shimp XIV - The Annual Display of Shameful Athleticism Drags on.......
Shimp XIV - Evanston's Annual Crutch and Bandage Festival
Shimp XIV - I'd Rather Be at Wrigley
Shimp XIV - Please end this pathetic display of bald, portly, grey-pubed 30-somethings painful attempt at athletic glory

Other Potential Slogans from 2000

Shimp XIII - Bring in Billy OOOOOO
Shimp XIII - Shimply MARVelous
Shimp XIII - Who will have the grabber?
Shimp XIII - Shimp, older than Woody's girlfriend.
Shimp XIII - Now that Scooter has won, will he get fat again?
Shimp XIII - Same as Nuelle's hat size
Shimp XIII - How can Bruce profit from this?
Shimp XIII - King Tron the 13th
Shimp the 13th - Sherm's Revenge
Shimp XIII - Does it really matter who wins
Shimp XIII - Where's Moat?
Shimp XIII - Running On Empty
Shimp XIII - Call The Meat Wagon
Shimp XIII - The Limp Olympics
Shimp XIII - We Were Young Once
Shimp XIII - Sinatra's Dead and So Are We
Shimp XIII - Cover your good eye
Shimp XIII - You can't blame Bruce
Shimp XIII - Viagra Bowl '00. Too Limp for Shimp
Shimp XIII - The Limp O'shimpics
Shimp XIII - We're Way too Old For This Shit
Shimp XIII - Mission Shimpossible
Shimp XIII - The Fat Lady is Singing
Shimp XIII - Pass the Geritol
Shimp XIII - Shimpin' to the Oldies
Shimp XIII - Shimpwrecked
Shimp XIII - We Suck And It Shows
Shimp XIII - Scoot finally got one

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